Non-Governmental Relations (NGR)

One of our Core values & principles describes CONSUMER PRO as a non-profit organization organized for purposes other than generating profit, and we only pursue purposes of consumer rights protection permitted by statutes for non-profit organizations.

We are in touch with many non-profit organization in all around the world. Nevertheless we accept proposal from any other organizations that would help consumers to feel more safe and protected.


  • invite non-profit organizations, research institutes, universities, schools, or any other non-governmental organization to join us at our campaign to bring to consumers a feeling of protection and safe on local/international level;
  • are always ready to participate in campaigns of the similar kind proposed by any other non-profit organization anywhere around the world;
  • comprehensively support non-profit organizations, that share our values & principles by putting their consumer-oriented activities/ideas or plans into life;
  • can provide/exchange consumer-oriented non-profit organizations with consolidated depersonalized consumer data of global/local significance;

CONSUMER PRO has approved a list of non-profit priority projects for 2015-2020. We are interested in investors and are ready to provide all necessary information (with investment calculation) upon request.

We are interested in expanding our professional values and principles through various consumer-oriented activities in association with any of our partners.

For details please contact directly our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .