Government Relations (GR)

One of our Core values & principles describes CONSUMER PRO as a non-governmental organization. We carry out all our activities independently from any kind of political, governmental or municipal influences in any of the countries Organization works.

We do accept partnerships with governmental structures or pro-governmental institutes and companies or politician, but only at topics of development of regulations in consumer rights area and its protection. We do not accept promotion activities or lobbying interests proposed by any of our pro-state partners if they do not improve the rights of consumers locally or worldwide.

CONSUMER PRO interested into pro-governmental cooperation by:

  • joint activities, projects or programs of improvement of consumers` position and rights on local markets; such measures should in any case positively reflect local consumers in general or a group of consumers of certain market are of type of goods/services;
  • promoting governmental activities of improvement of consumers` position and rights among consumers of a certain country or internationally;
  • supporting measures to bring governmental consumer-based ideas/plans into life, active implementation activities, appropriated events and actions;
  • pro-consumer social promotion activities, such as «Think before making choice», «Healthy Living», «Consumers! You are protected.», etc. ;
  • consumer-friendly social advertising campaigns.

CONSUMER PRO has approved a list of non-profit priority projects for 2015-2020. We are interested in investors and are ready to provide all necessary information (incl. investment calculation) upon request.

We are interested in expanding our professional values and principles through various consumer-oriented activities in association with any of our partners.

For details please contact directly our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .