Business Relations (BR)

CONSUMER PRO accepts new partners and friends besides providing the Business Certification service. We have many programs running and on the way at which companies/management may participate at a range of possible roles.

CONSUMER PRO holds a variety of consumer-oriented practices at a local and especially global level:

  • competition-based activities, dedicated to emphasize products, goods, services that are in our opinion (and proved by appropriated independent researches) of higher quality;
  • competition-based activities, dedicated to emphasize companies and organization that show in their business consumer rights care and responsibility, pursue the aim to improve consumer rights protection at a local or global level;
  • independent products, goods, services quality researches and certifications;
  • joint development of Internal Consumer Codes & Standards and other internal consumer-oriented rules and processes;
  • consumer-friendly websites, advertising campaigns, etc.

CONSUMER PRO has approved a list of non-profit priority projects for 2015-2020. We are interested in investors and are ready to provide all necessary information (incl. investment calculation) upon request.

We are interested in expanding our professional values and principles through various consumer-oriented activities in association with any of partners.

For details please contact directly our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .