Internal declaration

International Consumer Rights Protection Organization «CONSUMER PRO» was established in order to achieve its targets according to the core values and principles that were determined by its founders and are fixed in the Organization Charter. These values and principles are not to be changed by any kind of external influences and are obligatory for any decision, activity or event undertaken by the Organization.

ICRPO «CONSUMER PRO» is trying to expand its values and principles to partners, clients and sponsors of the Organization. Any of the these partners in order to get in relation with our Organization should accept our values and follow our principles by cooperating with us.

Core values, principles & features

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    ICRPO «CONSUMER PRO» is a non-profit entity organized for purposes other than generating profit, and we only pursue purposes of consumer rights protection permitted by statutes for non-profit organizations.

    We allocate all our funds as well as any other earnings only for the purposes to develop the institute of consumer rights protection in all around the world. According to our internal charter Organization is not allowed to use its financial resources to be a profit of any kind, accordingly resources are not to be distributed between members, partners, sponsors or founders of the Organization.

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    ICRPO «CONSUMER PRO» is a non-governmental organization and carries out all its activities independently from any kind of political, governmental or municipal influences in any of the countries our Organization is working.

    We do accept partnerships with governmental structures or pro-governmental institutes and companies, but only at topics of development of regulations in consumer rights area and its protection. We do not accept promotion activities or lobbying interests proposed by any of our pro-state partners if they do not improve the rights of consumers locally or worldwide.
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    ICRPO «CONSUMER PRO» is fully financially, materially, politically independent from any other organization or company wherever.

    Though the Organization does accept external financial, material and informational support, indeed such support is very much welcomed if it positively affects consumer rights, according to our internal Charter such support sources should be (and are) very much diversified in their modes of origin not allowing us to become dependent.
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    ICRPO «CONSUMER PRO» carries out its activities following missions and values members and founders of Organization have defined as main at its establishment. According to them our Organization pursues the aim of improving, defending and reservation of consumer rights globally at large and by transnational trade and at local national markets.

    Simply stated we help people to get more informed in their rights, to feel more protected going shopping or consuming services, more safe having meal, more free and ensured making choices from millions of offers we are surrounded by at every step we make.

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    Highly qualified

    ICRPO «CONSUMER PRO» is highly qualified in many areas consumers feel a lack of protection all around the world. We collaborate with research institutes, laboratories, experts and scholars that are internationally, nationally or locally respected. While the legal issues, consultations and activity management are served only by professional lawyers with appropriated education.

    All this helped us making protection of consumer rights a high-leveled profession at which we are qualified as none of other organizations.
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    Well experienced

    ICRPO «CONSUMER PRO» has experienced a great number of multi-various activities in all around the world. We faced different legislative terms, level of consumer protection, business attitude, abilities and opportunities to protect yourself as being a consumer, etc. Therefrom we have collected a great base of materials and knowledge and are now trying to implement our best solutions at all levels of consumer-business relations on-site: production, construction, manufacturing, buying, selling, providing service, advertising, customer support and others.

    We may implement our best practices at any of the companies that will allow it to be one-step forward at its wish to provide a more protected and safe services or goods. Our experience allows us not only to follow the rights protection terms established by current legislation, but also to make internal rules more severe not harming the business.

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    Globally focused

    ICRPO «CONSUMER PRO» is a globally focused organization trying to expand its best practices and experience to protect consumer rights in all around the world. We are for many years struggling for providing consumers with better services, goods, products - ways of living and consuming.

    We are in partnership with many well-known international companies, we give advice to thousands of business structures convincing them to work according to regulations and rules established locally and by different international organizations. Our organization is interested in growth of universal understanding of necessity to have consumer rights protection to be the "target-number-one" by any business.

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    Open to anyone

    ICRPO «CONSUMER PRO» has a principle to be open to any consumer, group of consumers, organizations or political structures that may bring benefit for the organization`s targets and missions. We accept any kind of help, advice, support that will directly or indirectly positively reflect the consumer rights protects situation as locally as worldwide. We are always open to any partnership proposals.

    We do also accept complaints from consumers through our website, but such complaints will be considered only if they are referring the consumer rights situation in general locally, regionally, countrywide or globally. Complaints on certain company, responsible person or trade operation will not be considered.