About us

International Consumer Rights Protection Organization «CONSUMER PRO» is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to defend and guard human rights to acquire, use and utilize goods and products, services and works that are harmless and safe for life, health, private property and environment. For many years we are working to build a legal and moral groundwork for the rapid development of the international market but we keep facing consumer rights are violated by the variety of unfair business treatment all over the world.

ICRPO «CONSUMER PRO» is an authoritative independent organization free from any kind of business or political influences wherever.

Some history

201208170919306833891 xlThe history of CONSUMER PRO started in May 1985. A small group of consumers in order to protect their rights and to struggle against unfair business treatment established a regional organization working only on within the Canton of Bern, Switzerland. Further on Organization experienced a rapid growth and expanded its activities to the territory of the whole country.

Getting internationally focused became the most important challenge set at the CONSUMER PRO Annual Board Meeting in April 2001 held in Torino, Italy. We have made huge steps since then achieving our targets by means of very tight cooperation with retailers, traders, building contractors, hotels, transport companies, manufacturers, local non-profit organizations, state authorities and many others from all around the globe. Many social programs and events are in behind, but still a lot of creative ideas are in mind targeting to improve the situations in the consumers rights protection area, which is still at a sad stage of evolution. The rights protection legislation in many countries keeps to be too far away from providing a real-working trustworthy defending mechanism to local consumers. At the same time companies and entrepreneurs got completely indifferent to consumer complaints and do not react at all.

Constantly over a period of nearly 30 years we are practicing activities among entrepreneurs and companies to convince in consumers` complaints and request reaction necessity, and raising the responsibility feeling. Thanks to our Organization hundreds of companies have changed their attitude to the consumer rights protections liability and improved the level of care about quality of good and services they are providing. Totally during the whole period of Organization`s existence we have executed over 20,000 on-site consultations, have fulfilled over 8,000 audits and issued approval certificates, have inspected hundreds of legislative terms and proposed our own improvement suggestions to business structures and companies from all around the consumer world.